Flexible Body. Flexible Mind.

A true yoga practice is more than asana, the mind must be unified by connecting to the breath. 

12 Weeks.

100 Hours.

You. Will. Transform.




Zen Yoga 100

60 classes. 3 Intensives. 100 Hours. Transformation is at your finger tips.

12 Weeks

This 100 hour, 12 Week progressive course opens with a contemplation and mantra, followed with group practice, and a mastering techniques section. Includes eBook and 2 additional classes per week.

I'm Ready to Begin

3 Intensives.

The first 12 weeks will prepare you for the 3 days of intensive training. The yogic word 'tejas' speaks into illuminated transformation. This course carefully pushes your edge all the way up to three full days of yoga, qigong, mantra, theory and more!

Beginners Bonus

It's difficult to blaze a new trail, and we know you have to dig in deep and choose to do the work to transform.  As a bonus to committing to yourself, we'll give you 'The Chakra Experience' course FREE! ($108 value)

It's all about YOUR VIBE

Because helping you, helps the collective. After all, we are all in the same boat (or planet).

Twelve Weeks. One Purpose.

Outwardly we all have a different purpose, inwardly we all have the same purpose. Moksha.

Get Going

"Sometimes later becomes never."

Learn online with the goal of taking it offline and into your life. Bring a little zen into your world. 

This course features a progression of yoga and qigong philosophy along with movements to help you embody the teachings to live more mindfully. 

All inclusive. Downloadable book, outline and mantras. Over 40 videos to practice along with and a bonus chakra course to help you tune in from the inside out. 

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