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Zen Yoga Online joins TCM and traditional hatha yoga, offering you all the tools for the elements of your yogic journey. Members recommend starting with 'The Chakra Experience'

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Eliminate the overwhelm of the yogic journey. Use one of Zen Yoga's super easy 'a la carte' courses designed for most any body, such as 'Just the Flow' seasonal asana series, 'Pranayama Only' yogic breathing practices or contemplation theory and make a difference in your life (fast)!


Home School Certification

Exceed your goals!  Complete your 200hr or 300hrTeacher Training course online. Taught old school - so you can home - school! Complete with step by step lessons and a personal student mentor.


Yoga & Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga have alot in common. In fact they are really just different parts of the same tree. Zen Yoga joins the two for a unique system of optimal wellness. Bring some zen into your yoga!


Meet the Instructors

The yogic path has been traditionally handed down from master to student for thousands of years. Your Zen Yoga instructors have decades of training and teaching experience that will give you only the finest teachings. 

Pictured left to right: Master Teacher Jason Campbell, Master Teacher Colleen Inman and Master Teacher Sara Anderson.

Staying Connected

You are not alone in your journey! Enjoy the benefits of having a student manager to connect with for a school like feel. Along with direct access to ask questions to Master Teachers. All accessible from the comments section of the course. 

*Number of inquiries to Master Teachers is limited  to 3 direct questions in short courses. Unlimited questions while in certification courses.

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