Begin to gain flexibility, balance and inner calm in Zen Yoga's Wood Element .

Zen Yoga is a unique blend of both Hatha and Taoist ¥oga. What are these, you ask? Hatha yoga includes your favorite postures such as tree pose, down dog, and warriors. Taoist yoga is the base of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) popularly known for use in acupuncture. 

Zen Yoga follows the five elements of TCM and parallels the commonalities in Hatha Yoga. Mix this with the devotion of mantra's from the ancient Vedic text, and you have a profound course of study that spans two of the vastest and wise libraries of knowledge found on our planet today!

You may combine each of the five elements of Zen Yoga for 300 hours of study, great for any already certified 200-hour yoga instructor to deepen their practice and understanding, and have something to offer students that they will love!

Zen Yoga's Wood Element Course covers all things that relate to the wood element of TCM 

  •  spring
  •  connective tissue
  • OM
  • the three levels
  • gunas
  • our observing self
  • natural qigong
  • specific meditations
  • contemplations
  • movements of Hatha based yin yoga &Taoist based Dao Yin yoga
  • specific breathing techniques to balance the wood element
  • Tao Te Ching & Bhagavad Gita comparison
  • more

Anyone who takes this course will find a better sense of grounding, understanding, balance, and personal nourishment. Any teacher will be sure to have much new content to deliver to their students. CEU's and Certification Available.

Take a moment, close your eyes. Visualize the highest version of yourself ten years from now, what would you look like, feel like, be like, what kinds of qualities would you have? If you could speak to that person and ask them - what are they happy to stop doing, and what are they glad you STARTED? This visualization is a practice for the wood element. Nourish the seed of whom you wish to be.


Today, drop the heaviness and begin an uplifting journey of the Wood Element, transform into the next better version of who you are to become. 


Zen Yoga's Wood Element is a 50 hour course that includes specific seasonal instruction through:

  • Seasonal Flow Classes
  • Mastering Techniques Classes
  • Seasonal Meditations
  • Seasonal Pranayama
  • Seasonal Theory
  • Contemplations
  • Seasonal Individual Asana
  • Seasonal warm up, standing practice and cool down concepts
  • Understanding the energy highways 
  • Elemental Lessons
  • More

Delivered in a step by step method for easy learning, and tracking your completion along the way. Optional CEU's available upon completion. 

Your instructors for the course are Master Teachers Sara Anderson & Colleen Inman, both 500 hour ERYT's through the Yoga Alliance, an highly credentialed in Hatha Yoga trainings, and through the International Doh Yi Federation for Taoist Yoga. 

Teaching together for more than a decade, and training for multiple decades, Masters Sara Anderson & Colleen Inman pay forward the light of the lineages that have been passed from Master to Student for many years - straight to you. 

What was once only learned in a small closed group in person setting, is now available to you - right where you are today!

Learn the secrets of the masters and expand your knowledge.

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Inhale to Exhale


You can only give what you have an abundance of; if you lack, then you cannot help others.

Being on the yogic journey means you understand the concept of Seva - or selfless service. As teachers, we are here to serve the wisdom and assure that it passes along to the next generation. Each of us knows just how much the yogic knowledge and practices have changed our personal lives, and how we have enhanced others.

At some point in life, you have likely reached a moment where you felt like you have nothing left to give - this means you have exhaled and delivered, and now it is time to inhale.

Inhaling not only with the breath, but inhale through learning. In this way, you will have more to exhale and give to whomever you wish to assist, maybe students, loved ones, a worthy cause or community.

No matter whom you help, remember to help yourself first - this is not selfish. To not help yourself first, often means others will then have to stop and care for you.

Think of boarding an airplane, and the announcement given. You are to secure your oxygen mask first, then help others achieve putting on their mask.

If you are not able to breathe, how will you help?

Whoever or whatever you want to help, be sure first to inhale...

Zen Yoga's Wood Element is the first in the five element series. Start your journey by spring-boarding off the wood element, and prepare for an eye opening experience of growth, harmony and fulfillment.

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