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Optimize your mental, physical, and spiritual health by understanding the power of the seasons and the connection between Qi (energy) and your wellness.


"I can't remember being this excited or passionate about something my whole life. Each morning when I wake up I look forward to starting my day at Zen Wellness. I can't wait to learn more and become a stronger woman. I am so so fortunate that I found them!"


"The Best Place to go to learn about health, wellness and to become empowered to create real transformation and change in one's life! The knowledge and wisdom mastery of all teachers is totally of the highest quality."


"This is a wonderful organization in all aspects. After more than two years studying with them, the esteem in which I hold Zen Wellness continues to grow. And, as a life - long learner with a long life of learning already behind me, I have a significant perspective on which to base this opinion. Thanks, Zen Wellness! "


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