Designed for Almost any Ability

The most effective way to bring the chakras into balance using mantra, visualization and movement so gentle almost anyone can do it. Great for beginners or yoga teachers seeking 10 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)


In a world where we have little control, yogi's turn inward to the realm they can control....their energy.

The chakras are the center of ones energy field, like gears in a watch they must move smoothly and in harmony.

Uncover the chakra teachings and add a certificate in chakra understanding to your current modality.


Chakra Experience Syllabus

Vedic & Taoist Chakra System

3 Levels of Being

Health affects

The Chakras we can Occupy

Symptoms of Imbalance

Names and attributes

The 5 Minute Practice Method

Specific Breath work (Pranayama)

Control of Your Energy 

Setting up your practice

Standard method

Specific Focus Techniques

Clearing the Chakras

Mantras & Mudras

The Meditation

Don't miss out on this powerful course to fill your cup with energy. Directed by Zen Yoga Master Teachers Sara Anderson & Colleen Inman

Includes: Theory, Visualizations, Breath Work, Mantra, and Movement Gentle enough for almost any person.

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The yogic journey is much like walking into a large library - it is best if you have some direction of where to start learning. Zen Yoga now offers a complete foundational 12 week online course to aid you in the first steps of your journey. Subscribers receive a $500 discount using the coupon code "Journey" 

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